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January 26, 2022

To our entire BBHS Community:

It is an exciting day for all of us as we start our second semester of the school year and also begin a new era in our school history. Today we are thrilled to announce Bears as our newly-selected moniker. 

After a month of teasers and hints, our students, faculty and staff gathered this morning to participate in a surprise reveal. We would like to share with you the dynamic video we watched at the event, which showcases the name, logo and supporting graphic elements that comprise our new moniker and its accompanying visual identity system.

After the reveal, we held celebrations across our campus which included Root ‘Bear’ Floats, lots of swag, class photos in our new t-shirts and more. We will continue to update our website and social media platforms with images from the day’s festive events and of our new moniker as we move forward.

Bears was chosen after conducting a several months long community input and evaluation process that resulted in approximately 500 unique names submitted for consideration. Core to the input gathering and selection process was engaging and honoring the voices of the BBHS student body. Bears was the No. 1 student suggestion and the No. 1 suggestion across all other stakeholder groups, making it the leading moniker suggestion overall by a wide margin. Bears also met the key naming criteria identified through the community input survey:

  • A moniker starting with the letter “B” 

  • Is an animal

  • Has a connection to the Pacific Northwest

  • Is unique among peer high schools 

The characteristics of a bear as a courageous and caring protector, a fierce and noble competitor and a creature dedicated to family - ring true to the core spirit of the BBHS community. For 67 years, we have been a community fostering deep and lasting friendships, special memories, and relationships that our students, alumni, families and staff treasure forever. We are so excited to watch our current and future students carry on this tradition as Bears well into the future.

We are grateful for your patience and grace through this transition process and are especially thankful to our Student Moniker Engagement Committee, the Moniker Advisory Committee, our student Legacy Council, and all those who assisted in this endeavor. For more information on our process, please see information linked on this page. 

You will see many of our new Bears logos on our website and social media today and in the weeks to come. Our spirit store has Bears merchandise in stock, with more designs in production. We invite you to join us as we finish this school year with hope for the future, and a focus on all things BEAR! Our students will continue to be involved in bringing our mascot to life and building on our BBHS traditions throughout this semester and beyond.

God Bless and Go Bears!

Tony DeSapio

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